CROSSLINK TRACTION                 BYRON BAY, NSW Located in Australia’s hub of surfboard manufacturing, the Byron Bay Industrial Estate, Crosslink Traction has been making quality surfcraft grip since 1991. Many of Australia’s top surfers have started out on our grips, most moving on to paid sponsorships as their careers advanced. We don’t pay for team riders, though we do sponsor grips to up-and-comers, groms, juniors, etc. This keeps our costs down to the board manufacturers, shapers, and hard core shops, who are the backbone of our  base. Our stuff is made here with totally unique techniques developed in our factory. We’re the only one left manufacturing grip in Australia after the other grip makers began moving their operations offshore 10 years or so ago. We don’t believe that hard won technology and techniques should be handed over to an overseas manufacturer to save a bit on labour costs. We’re always developing something new here, so keep an eye out on the site to see what we’re up to next. Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge