BRUSHED GRIP 3mm SUP GRIP 5mm The molded grip techniques developed by us here at Crosslink over the last 15 years combine to produce a traction pad that’s lightweight, ultrathin, and super grippy. Our unique full color logo and design imbedding system took over a year of trial and error to perfect, but the results speak for themselves. Our molded models are suited for shortboards, mals and retro riders looking for that close - to-the-board feeling you usually only get with wax. “The Closest Thing to Wax” Non-molded Non-molded The THINSKIN The ultrathin molded grip-- ideal for mals and shortboard front grips Comes in Black, Grey & Snow Camo DIAMONDBACK PATTERN For Shortboard & Full Mal Grips Click thumbnail to enlarge Also in Black, Grey, Snow Camo, & Red